Vegas Conference 2022 Recap

Snap Delivered unveiled a couple of new announcements at the Las Vegas Conference this past weekend April 29-May 1st. Here’s some of them…

1. You now have a way to earn your way to be a manager instead of paying $299. Reps who do $600 in personal commissionable volume will automatically become managers.

2. Snap Delivered has now partnered with a streaming service called Vidgo. Snap Reps can sell Vidgo streaming services and earn commissions in addition to Snap Deliveries.

3. Snap Delivered has also partnered with a pharmaceutical company and will be soon delivering medications to customers in addition to food. The company has a bitcoin rewards program for customers who fulfill prescriptions and as a Snap Rep you get points on the orders within your organization that you can convert into the company’s crypto coin.

4. Snap Delivered announced NFT tokens in the form of the company mascot- the duck called “Doug.” These NFT’s have special benefits like free conference tickets and more and can be purchased and held like a stock and they can be resold later.

5. Snap Delivered will soon have our own version of a “ghost kitchen” or a kitchen that does only delivery and has no customer facing aspect. These kitchens will be called Snap Kitchens. There are about 7-8 brands right now with more on the way.

I’m excited about where this company is heading. Lots of great ideas and Snap is poised to be a major player in the delivery industry.


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