Snap Delivered’s New Apps

Snap Delivered has recently switched to a new software over the holiday weekend. The new apps seem to be a big upgrade over the previous version. The look and feel of them is much better and the software is faster too.

Check them out…

(They are in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.)

The customer app is Snap User.

The driver app is Snap Operations Specialist.

The merchant app is Snap Merchant Control.


Snap Delivered is going to Dallas, Texas!

Snap Delivered is going to be going to Dallas, Texas for a conference this summer! The dates are the weekend of July 22-24th. It should be plenty warm enough as again its Texas in July. If you are going you can leave the winter coat at home. Tickets are just $100. It’s also the kickoff of Snap Disruption University- the SDU. Tickets are on sale now.