GrubHub and Uber Eats facing a class action lawsuit

A federal judge is refusing to dismiss a case brought against GrubHub and Uber Eats in 2020 that alleges the company’s practices have driven up the cost of restaurant food. It seems that forcing restaurants into “no-price competition clauses” isn’t very good for the restaurant or consumers. Check out the full article here.

Snap Delivered has landed our first national restaurant partner!

Congrats to Dickey’s BBQ for being the first national restaurant chain to signup with Snap Delivered!

Dickey’s BBQ is going to save a lot of money on delivery at each of their corporate stores with Snap’s $2 flat fee.

If you are a customer who likes great BBQ and you live near a location you can get Dickey’s BBQ delivered at and save money on your order.

Welcome to the Snap Delivered Family Dickey’s BBQ!


Snap Delivered’s New Apps

After months of renting apps on another software while still in prelaunch mode, Snap Delivered has made the switch to their own proprietary apps. Now Snap Delivered owns their own app technology and will soon be ready to launch in a big way.

The Snap Customer app is now called Snap User. The Driver app is now called Snap Operations Specialist. The Restaurant app is now called Snap Merchant Control.

If you had the old apps on your phone you can remove those and switch to the new ones. The new apps have a better look and feel to them and are what the company is going to use going forward.



Why Choose Snap Delivered?

  • Snap Delivered Customers Pay No Menu Upcharges
  • No Hidden Service Fees or Fees Hidden in the Taxes
  • Pay Per Delivery or Get Unlimited Deliveries for Only $10/Month
  • Help Out Restaurants by Ordering From an App that Saves Restaurants Money
  • Help Out Drivers by Ordering From an App that Doesn’t Shortchange Them
  • Get Good Food Delivered From Your Favorite Restaurants

snap delivered customers

snap delivered customers

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