Snap Delivered’s New Apps

Snap Delivered has recently switched to a new software over the holiday weekend. The new apps seem to be a big upgrade over the previous version. The look and feel of them is much better and the software is faster too.

Check them out…

(They are in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.)

The customer app is Snap User.

The driver app is Snap Operations Specialist.

The merchant app is Snap Merchant Control.


Snap Delivered’s New Apps

After months of renting apps on another software while still in prelaunch mode, Snap Delivered has made the switch to their own proprietary apps. Now Snap Delivered owns their own app technology and will soon be ready to launch in a big way.

The Snap Customer app is now called Snap User. The Driver app is now called Snap Operations Specialist. The Restaurant app is now called Snap Merchant Control.

If you had the old apps on your phone you can remove those and switch to the new ones. The new apps have a better look and feel to them and are what the company is going to use going forward.