Snap Delivered Now Live in Columbus, OH!

I am very proud to announce that Snap Delivered is now LIVE in my hometown of Columbus, OH! It has taken a lot of work and a few months longer than I expected but it finally happened. Special thanks to our first 10 restaurants in Columbus for signing up and getting Snap Delivered started- Pita Hut n Grille, Talita’s Burritos and Coneys, Royal Burger King, Lucky Dragon, Kuya Ians Bistro, WG Grinders in UA, Casa Di Pizza, Portofino’s Pizza, Tandoori Grill, and Jon Smith Subs. Thanks for believing in Snap Delivered and what Snap Delivered will become in the next few years.

Snap Delivered’s New Apps

Snap Delivered has recently switched to a new software over the holiday weekend. The new apps seem to be a big upgrade over the previous version. The look and feel of them is much better and the software is faster too.

Check them out…

(They are in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store.)

The customer app is Snap User.

The driver app is Snap Operations Specialist.

The merchant app is Snap Merchant Control.


Snap Delivered’s New Website

Snap Delivered has changed the main website. It now has a much better look and feel to it.

But does it look better than the Snap Delivered Blog? Or is it more user friendly?

That’s debatable, and obviously I’m a bit biased, but why don’t you check it out for yourself…

I know you might be thinking- Zach the main website definitely looks better than the blog

because it doesn’t have your face all over it and that might be true.

But the blog still has more information.

Stay tuned for more updates…