Snap Delivered Fall Conference Recap

Snap Delivered just wrapped up our Fall Conference in Jupiter FL over the weekend and it was a great event.

We learned about the different personality profiles- Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.

These are quite helpful in terms of learning about yourself and also knowing how to effectively communicate with other personality types.

Red is a dominant, take charge type of person. Blue is a have fun, center of attention type. Green is a creative and analytical type. Yellow is the caring, humanitarian type of person who wants to help others.

I learned this in college with the DISC profile personality traits. It’s a little different but basically the same thing.

Understanding your personality type and also the personality traits of others is very helpful in terms of relating to other people and understanding the world. I would highly recommend that you do the Snap personality test and learn about the different types of personalities.

We also learned about ERC from our chief CPA- Justin Jorns. I learned a lot of useful tips that can be applied in the field.

They rip on other CPA’s a lot for not knowing about ERC, but it really is true- not everyone is that knowledgeable about the program.

There was a big emphasis on building a team. Snap is now up to 30,000 people and growing. I didn’t realize that it had grown that fast but with the excitement around ERC word is getting out about us. There definitely isn’t 30,000 active people but still- it’s growing rapidly.

We also unveiled the Snap Cares arm of the company which as you can probably guess is the charity side of the company. We have partnered with a non-profit that aides victims of human trafficking. A few stories were shared that are just heartbreaking and it is good to know that Snap is committed to giving back and making a difference.

At the end of the event Paul Mikel our CEO shared a heartbreaking story of his own from his own life that has helped to shape him into the person that he is today. We all go through hardships in life and everyone’s path is different. At the end of the weekend, I learned a lot about our business and I am glad to be a part of the change that we are making not only in business but also in the lives of others.