Better For Customers

Better For Customers

No Menu Markups. No Hidden Service Fees or Tax Fees. Just Good Food Delivered at a Fair Price.

Better For Restaurants

Better For Restaurants

No 15-40% of the Food Bill Delivery Fees. Just a $2 Flat Fee Per Order!

Better For Drivers

Better For Drivers

Get $3 Fuel Pay on Every Delivery. Plus Customers Saving Money on Delivery Charges=Better Tips!

Snap Delivered’s New Website

Snap Delivered has changed the main website. It now has a much better look and feel to it.

But does it look better than the Snap Delivered Blog? Or is it more user friendly?

That’s debatable, and obviously I’m a bit biased, but why don’t you check it out for yourself…

I know you might be thinking- Zach the main website definitely looks better than the blog

because it doesn’t have your face all over it and that might be true.

But the blog still has more information.

Stay tuned for more updates…

Snap Delivered’s New Apps

After months of renting apps on another software while still in prelaunch mode, Snap Delivered has made the switch to their own proprietary apps. Now Snap Delivered owns their own app technology and will soon be ready to launch in a big way.

The Snap Customer app is now called Snap User. The Driver app is now called Snap Operations Specialist. The Restaurant app is now called Snap Merchant Control.

If you had the old apps on your phone you can remove those and switch to the new ones. The new apps have a better look and feel to them and are what the company is going to use going forward.

Welcome to the Snap Delivered Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Snap Delivered Blog. You are probably on this page because you are looking for more information about the new delivery service Snap Delivered. Well you are in the right place.

Snap Delivered was started in June of 2021 in West Palm Beach, FL. After a few months of prelaunch testing Snap Delivered is ready to roll out nationwide.