Frequently Asked Questions

Account Settings

Can I share my referral link?

Yes, you can share your links with anyone in the United States and Canada. Please share why you are sending the referral link and what it is for. Your referral link is a great way to have people connected to you and lets you and your customers/IBO’s earn income long-term. Make sure everyone you know has downloaded the app! You won’t want to miss out when we are an international company doing millions of orders on a daily basis just because you forgot to get someone to sign up for FREE!!

The app is asking for Location Services. Does this have to be on?

Yes in order for the app to work correctly you need to have the location services be on while using.

I want to be both a Customer and Driver can I download both Apps?

Yes, Absolutely!  You can be both. Just ensure that you have the same referral code for both apps when inputting your Referrers code.

Can people sign up without a referral link?

Customers and Drivers can signup without a referral link, however it is still required for restaurants. If you are a restaurant viewing this page you can signup here.

Can I change my email and/or phone number after I signed up because I put in the wrong information?

Absolutely!  If you go to the App you can click on the following your picture>click on pencil>click on what needs to be changed>click on disk to save it. You can change your email address.  For Phone numbers please contact

What is my referral code?

You can find your referral code by going to, logging in, and clicking on “my referral codes.”

How do I update my account information?

go to profile- update.

How do I utilize saved places on the user app?

Click on the address bar on top. Type in the address, put a nickname example: Home, Work, The Penthouse, etc.

How old do I have to be to deliver?

18 years old

Can I view my order history?

Yes, click on the app under order history.

How do I sign up for a Restaurant?

Here you or the restaurant will fill in the information requested. Make sure you have the password used to so the restaurant can sign into the merchant portal once they are ready to get started.

How do I clear my cache for Androids?

  1. Go to Settings, then tap Apps.
  2. Select the app that you want to clear the cache for.
  3. Tap Storage.
  4. Tap Clear cache at bottom of screen.
  5. Tap Clear data at the bottom of screen.

I want to upgrade to be a Manager, how do I do this?

First Congratulations and second you can do this at or

When and how will I receive my training materials?

We have provided and continually provide a number of ways for you to learn everything you need to know about Snap Delivered!  First, be sure that you join our Snap Delivered Managers and Above private Facebook Group page. Always attend the Taco Tuesday meetings held every Tuesday at 9 pm eastern these are specifically for Managers and above. If you have not attended the Opportunity Overview that is held every Monday & Thursday at 9 pm eastern by our Top Leaders you are missing out. You should attend those regularly because the more you see the overview the more you will learn from them. You receive email notifications every week with the link to these overviews. We also regularly send out emails and also post on the Group page links to view previous meetings. We email and post to the group page whenever we release another helpful step-by-step video. As for print materials, A helpful “How to” guide is in the final stages of completion and you will be notified via email and the Group page when it is completed. In addition, marketing materials and how to use them are also being released as soon as they are completed and you are also notified via email and on the group page with the links.

What is the website to register restaurants?

Is there one place that everyone has access to recorded calls that are not password protected and that are easy, that we can share with potential prospects?

There are videos available on

What are all the websites available for SNAP?

To order food :

To find out more about Snap opportunity:

To Sign up restaurants:

To find your team :

Where can I see my genealogy?

You can see your genealogy in the back office. You can go to If it is your first time there, please click register and add in your information, otherwise just log in.

How do I keep the Amazon Fire Tablet from going to sleep?

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet:

1. Swipe down twice from the top of the screen to see the cog (Settings Menu)

2. From the setting menu click on “Device Options” towards the bottom

3. Click on “About Fire Tablet”

4. Click the “Serial Number” 7 times to unlock the “Developer” menu

5. Go back to previous screen

6. Click on “Developer Options”

7. Toggle “Stay Awake” to On

8. Done

How often does the back office update?

It updates in real time.



What do I do need to open my city?

You will need to have 10 Restaurants with a 5-mile radius and 10 drivers. Once you have the required amount of restaurants and drivers we will help you get everything set up and running. Once you have your ten restaurants please make sure you email our Director of Restaurant Expansion and so we can help you take the next steps to getting your city up and running!

Who will do the menus?

We will do the upload of the menus. Once it has been approved by the owner of the restaurant, any changes will then have to be made by the owner.

How long will it take to upload menus?

7 to 10 days.

How will the Restaurants be notified when they get an order?

A notification sound will alert the restaurant until it is either accepted or declined through their Tablet. We will have full training to onboard the restaurant and get them ready to start receiving orders and saving thousands of dollars in delivery fees!

Do we do order Refunds?

Because we work on $2 per order we cannot do refunds once an order has been placed unless Snap Delivered is at fault. If anything is missing from the order the customer must contact the restaurant to make sure they make it right. We require drivers to take a picture when they put in an order and at the end as well.

Do I have to use an insulated bag to deliver the food?

Yes, it is! You have an insulated bag to deliver the food because drivers work on tips and the best way to ensure being tipped well is to make sure your customer receives the food the way it was meant to be enjoyed!

Can I specify the cuisine that I want for my restaurant?

Yes you can, you can do this by going to Edit Merchant and adding cuisine types.

Will Snap Delivered refund me if a customer cancels their order?

Snap Delivered works on $2 per order so if a customer puts the order through they will be required to pay even if they cancel the order because it is not fair to the restaurant or Snap Delivered. If the restaurant forgets something or the customer is unhappy with the quality of their meal they will have to settle that with the restaurant. If there is an issue with service from Snap Delivered we will deal with that accordingly when it comes to the customer.

How are the Deliveries Done?

All orders are required to be picked up by a Snap Delivered driver. They do not see what the order pays until they are done with the order because we do not promote drivers taking the higher-paying orders only. We do make sure that all of our drivers are compensated fairly on each order. We do this by making sure each order has a $3 base pay and a 10% minimum tip from the customer because we want our drivers to know that they are an important part of this business and taking care of customers. An added benefit is we have independent business owners that help us open each city with a local contact so that if there is ever an emergency someone can be there to make sure every order is delivered.

Will restaurants be required to turn off their tablets or leave them on while the restaurant is closed so the drivers don’t receive offers that will be taken in vain?

Restaurants have complete control of when they take orders by setting their hours in the restaurant portal.

How does Snap Delivered make money on $2 per order?

We don’t spend millions on advertising and infrastructure and salaries for no reason. We use the most powerful advertising in the world. Word Of Mouth!! We also have our network of Independent Business Owners that are out spreading the word. Just like restaurants, our goal is to build an amazing business that is a win/win for everyone. Our financial plan is sound and worked when restaurants work with us as true partners unlike those that are just out to take as much money as possible!

What’s the subscription fee to use the tablet software?

There is no monthly fee to use the tablet software. The only fee is when an order goes out of $2.00.

Will drivers be compensated after showing up to pick up an order at a restaurant that is closed?

No, we will not pay a driver if they show up to a restaurant that is closed because this should never happen. If by chance this were to ever happen we will handle it on a case-by-case basis. We will have our staff continually updating our database of restaurants that are closed. If this becomes an issue we can revisit this at a later time.

What would be your response to a restaurant owner or individuals that says that this is just another MLM or pyramid scheme trying to take advantage of local businesses since you are familiar with MLM?

If this statement is made then the person presenting this is not educated on our program. There is no way we can take advantage of anyone at $2 an order. We have structured our pay plan where it rewards those who refer business to Snap Delivered. We do not charge a monthly fee and have people buy a bunch of products they don’t need. Our referral marketing program gives people the ability to earn from the referrals they send and we are saving restaurants millions of dollars while we build income and freedom for millions of others.

How do I set up the tablet for the restaurant?

If Amazon Fire 7 Tablet – They can use the Snap Delivered Amazon account to register the tablet. Username is password is Snap2022$

Make sure tablet is set to never go to sleep (Instructions for the Amazon Fire 7 Tablet is in the FAQs)

Log onto the merchant portal and save the site as a favorite or bookmark. Save login info for site

Check menu items and pricing

Update delivery hours

Update banking info

Once all that is completed (Banking info is mandatory) then we can activate the restaurant on the site and app

If it is not an Amazon Fire 7 then please google the instructions for your make and model tablet to be sure the tablet does not go to sleep and then follow the rest of the instructions.